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Sometimes, you need another helping hand to fulfil your dreams. How wonderful would it be if someone understands your 

aspirations and is always there to help you? One such product that fulfils the criteria is a top-up loan. The top-up loan 

is a financial help provided MVAFL so that you can easily fulfill your dreams with little more financial aid

You can avail a top up loan on your vehical  loan with minimal paperwork.


Whether you want to renovate your house or plan for your child's education or meet any other personal or professional 

needs, make your MVAFL Top  UP loan, your universal loan to fund all your needs. Avail of the top-up facility and get more 

money on the basis of your repayment record and the current Asset value.

1.Existing customers with satisfactory repayment record of at least one year

2.Maximum 24 months commencing after one month of disbursement

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