Owning a home is a cherished dream of everyone. While a lot of housing loan schemes are available, the first step towards building one’s dream home is to purchase a plot of land.  As time goes by, the land cost itself is going out of bounds of even salaried youngsters.  This is a scheme devised to enable people having a reasonable salary with a fair amount of certainty for the long period of repayment to purchase a plot of land with the intention of building their dream home thereon ..
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 We offer you:

 Loan amount upto a maximum of 15 Lacs

Loan for purchasing house plots for upto 7cents
    with the intention to construct a house.

Loan for construction of a house on own property
    for self occupation.

Repayment period upto 5 years.

Attractive interest rates. 
*Conditions Apply

Eligibility  :
Age limit should be in between 18years &  50years.

Borrower should have an income that is verifiable and
    ascertainable with a fair amount of certainity   based on
    past income over a period of at least two years.

Income should be atleast twice the proposed EMI's.

The borrower should not have any land or house in his or
    her name anywhere

                      *Conditions Apply
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